Cornhole at CAPPS Entertainment brings the classic, backyard game to life. Test your throwing accuracy as you aim to land bags on the target boards, creating friendly competition and endless fun for all.

Look for Leagues and Tournaments for all ages and skill levels!

Axe throwing

Experience the exhilarating thrill of axe throwing at CAPPS Entertainment. Unleash your inner warrior as you hurl axes at electronic targets, honing your aim and embracing the excitement of this unique and engaging activity.


Putters at CAPPS Entertainment offers a captivating journey through our meticulously designed putt putt courses.  Two 9-hole courses to choose from: PIRATE and RETRO.   Navigate the mesmerizing scenery, challenge your friends, sink putts, and take pictures, as you delight in the joy of mini golf in a vibrant setting.


Pins at CAPPS Entertainment offers the excitement of mini bowling in a compact and enjoyable setting. Roll the ball, knock down pins, and celebrate strikes as you engage in friendly competition and laughter-filled moments.